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Notification of Environmental Authorisation and Appeal Procedure

This serves to notify Interested and Affected Parties (I&APs) that the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) granted a positive Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the proposed Deepening, Lengthening and Widening of Berths 203 to 205 at Pier 2 Container Terminal, Port of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Province in terms of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998) on 21 January 2015.

A copy of the EA and Appeal Procedure can be obtained from Nemai Consulting (Vanessa Stippel: 0117811730; or downloaded from this website.

In terms of Chapter 7 of the 2010 EIA Regulations, a Notice of Intention to appeal against the decision must be lodged within 20 days (21 January 2015 to 10 February 2015) from the date of the issue of the Authorisation with the DEA: Mr Z Hassam, Director: Appeals and Legal Review by means of the following methods:

  • By post:         Private Bag X447, Pretoria, 0001; or
  • By hand:        Environment House, Steve Biko Road, Arcadia, Pretoria.

Please note that the appeal must be:

  • Submitted within 30 days of lapsing of the 20 days in terms of regulation 62 (1) (11 February 2015 to 12 March 2015).  
  • Submitted in writing to:
    • Mr. Z. Hassam: Director: Appeals and Legal Review of the Department at the above mentioned addresses.

Further, please note that the appeal must be accompanied by the following information:

  • A statement setting out the grounds for appeal;
  • Supporting documentation which is referred in the appeal; and
  • A statement that the appellant has complied with Regulation 62 (2) or (3) together with copies of the notices referred to in Regulation 62.

The DEA has compiled a summary of the procedure to be followed for an appeal. This procedure can be found on Page 3 of the Environmental Authorisation.

Mr Hassam can also be contacted on (012) 399 9356 or